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Victoria 4 days ago

Fried 'Pick Two' Combo Platter

I have been eating here since I was little (almost 30 years) whenever I visit the Cape. Almost always get the fried scallops and whole belly clams. They are fresh, sweet and have a light and delicate coating so that you can really taste the seafood! Perfection! Also the onion rings are a must. The are thin and crispy with a sweet tender onion. But honestly I have never had anything but great food here, steamers, fried oysters, chowder all fantastic!

Robertslin 9 days ago

Fried Day Boat Sea Scallops

I've been eating at Seafood Sam's for over forty years and never, ever had a bad meal. The seafood is always fresh and cooked to perfection. If having fried seafood, the batter is so light and never greasy. The wonderful flavor of the seafood always cones through. The onion rings are to die for. shore atmosphere is always fun. You can't go wrong by choosing to eat at Seafood Sam's

Iansteele082972 20 days ago

Fried Cape Cod Whole Belly Clam Plate

I've lived on Cape Cod my entire life. And as a native I can say, if you want to experience a taste of true Cape Cod, try out Seafood Sam's. You won't be disappointed! Not only is the seafood always fresh and delicious, the staff there is #1 in my book. It's a fun friendly place for everyone to enjoy. I live in East Falmouth and go there regularly. If you can't trust a native who could you trust?

Tranquilitycapecod 27 days ago

Award-Winning Lobster Bisque

Coming from Eastham, one of our favorite treats is to pick up two cups of your wonderful Lobster Bisque, then park by the canal and savor each yummy spoonful, while watching all the activity.

Capecoddeafgal about 1 month ago

Fried 'Pick Two' Combo Platter

Love the chicken tenders with fried shrimpnits on of the best dish !

Stephenfullerton01 about 2 months ago

Fried Seafood Platter

Been waiting in your parking lot for this since February 28th

Bettybranche613 about 2 months ago

Fried Butterfly Shrimp

My meal was very good. I love seafood, my only regret is that l live in Atlanta and it wil be a while before l can visit your restaurant again. Food, service, everything was good.

Eileen 2 months ago

Fried Seafood Platter

THE BEST!!!! The seafood is always fresh and cooked just right. The batter is light and the portions are HUGE. We love the platter for 2...I get the rice as my side and my husband orders the baked potato. Restaurant decor is very nautical. A perfect place!!

Carojohns84 2 months ago

Fried Seafood Platter

I've had my fair share of fried seafood all around New England, and I can say without hesitation, Seafood Sam's is the best fried seafood, and it's consistently good. The batter is never burnt or too brown, the fish is always cooked to perfection. And the homemade tartar sauce makes it. Yum!

Lanatesta 2 months ago

Fried Lobster & Butterfly Shrimp Combo

Absolutely Delicious All the fried dishes are so good Also love the lobster bisque We have been going here for many years

Juliahendy 2 months ago

Broiled Salmon Sandwich

The broiled salmon sandwich or the lobster roll preceded by a cup of lobster bisque!! Can't think of anything better!!! Seafood Sams does them just right!

Shmily616 2 months ago

Fried 'Pick Two' Combo Platter

I have gone to Seafood sam's since it was a tiny place in East Falmouth, MANY years ago! I have tried other places over the years, but have always been disappointed. The seafood here is so fresh, not greasy, and best of all, ALWAYS consistent. I always know it is going to be the same delicious taste, quality, and value for your money.

Jbsandwich151 3 months ago

Fried Filet o' Fish Sandwich

This is the best seafood around. Everything is good tasting, good prices, good service. From a lifetime cape resident, this is the place to go

Lindaconlon70 3 months ago

Fried 'Pick Two' Combo Platter

We have enjoyed the quality of food and service for many years. We are sad when the restaurant closes for the season. We travel from west Brookfield, ma for overnight or just for the day.

W1dfd 3 months ago

Baked "Lazy Man's" Lobster Casserole

I love the scculant piedes of lobster covered in just a vert tasteful bread crumbs on top, baked to perfection, what can be better then that, with a cup of fish chowder on the side, mmmmm, fantastic, so good I can have another plate, thats if I can fit it

Kqtompkins 3 months ago

Fried 'Pick Two' Combo Platter

I always get the pick two combo, Ive been getting it for over a decade now. I have tried it with all the different options but my favorite continues to be the Popcorn Shrimp and Fried Oysters. I started loving Sam's food as a child and now I share it with my children!

Khartnett 3 months ago

Fried Seafood Platter

Excellent seafood, consistently fresh and well prepared. Large portions, friendly staff. Our go to for seafood for years!

Soupinsandwich 3 months ago

Fried Day Boat Sea Scallops

Simply the most scrumptious fried scallops I've had----consistently the best. Always tender, never too greasy, totally addicting especially when combined with the onion rings! All Sam's are good but the folks here in Sandwich are amazing . So friendly even to rather difficult customers. They help the tourists navigate their way through the simple ordering process, make suggestions that the crowd always gets in on. It's a fun atmosphere in a fantastic location on the canal. We're here all year and can't wait for them to open and are thrilled they remain open into November so we go as often as we can afford to eat out. Unbeatable lobster bisque and chowders too and great fried butterfly shrimp and lobster rolls. Can't go wrong here, even the fried chicken my godson ordered was great.

Jasminearaujo 3 months ago

Fried Seafood Platter

This is always me favorite go to at seafood sams! Perfectly cooked fish, clams & shrimp with the best fried crust, yum!

Jim 3 months ago

Sam's Signature Baked Seafood Platter

This is the best Has everything you need And a view of the canal Enjoy

Thomas 7 days ago

Caesar Salad

Best balanced Caesar ever , a must try ! Best, best !

Elisabeth 11 days ago

Fried Native Scallop Platter

When my family wants fried seafood we go to Seafood Sam's, their fried scallops and onion rings are fantastic!

Tbs722 23 days ago

Fried 'Pick Two' Combo Platter


Mikayla 28 days ago

Fried Whole Belly Clam Platter

The first time I went to seafood sams was with my residents from the Decatur House. They were so welcoming and accommodating to the needs of my residents seeing some are wheelchair bound. On top of that the food was ahhhhh-mazing! I got a fried clam belly plate and I think I finished in in under 5 minutes. Very friendly & kind family. A well ran-profession, & clean business!

Jeanne9899 about 2 months ago

Golden Fried Deep Sea Scallop Plate

Best seafood around,,,and onion rings that are wonderful!!! Plus, you get a view of the Canal and all the boats going thru it. We come up from R.I. to enjoy 'GOOD SEAFOOD"!!!

Julmac67 about 2 months ago

Award-Winning Lobster Bisque

My Mom lives in East Sandwich. I visit her from Florida 4 to 5 times a year. We are originally from New Hampshire and when I get there she knows our first dinner is at Seafood Sam's and our last dinner before I leave is also Seafood Sam's! I always say to her "you come here all the time, do you want to try something different?" And the answer is always the same... " nope it's always the best on Cape Cod!"

G about 2 months ago

Broiled Salmon Sandwich

We have enjoyed eating at Seafood Sam's for the last 2 years. Consistent great food and service. The freshest fish and great cole slaw. Nice to eat on the deck during summer. I would recommend Seafood Sam's to anyone looking for a great meal at reasonable prices.

Jlanoie2017 2 months ago

Sam's Famous Lobster Salad Roll

It was amazing juicy with the perfect amount of mayo

Dawn 2 months ago

Fried Seafood Platter

Seafood Sam's in Sandwich is me and my husband's go-to restaurant for great seafood. The Fried Seafood Platter is awesome... love the tender scallops and huge clams. The coating is tasty and not heavy. We always get a quart of clam chowder to go.

Sandra 2 months ago

Fried Seafood Platter

The combination platter is our favorite. Never greasy, always perfectly fried, and just enough of each item to satisfy all our cravings.

Jupiterplanetpower 2 months ago

Fried Baby Popcorn Shrimp

This is our favorite seafood place. We regularly take the 40 min drive to the Cape just to eat at this location. We always anticipate their reopening in spring!! Their fried batter is tasty, but also light, so that it doesn't bog down the seafood underneath.

Jcfour 2 months ago

Baked Scallop & Butterfly Shrimp Platter

Always fresh and tasty! Clam chowder is the best. Friendly staff, fast service, clean welcoming environment.

Taylormello37 3 months ago

Chicken Parmesan Pasta Platter

It's worth the 4.5 hour drive it is delicious and it just makes you feel happy and it tastes is jaw dropping at how great it tastes.

Cynthia 3 months ago

Fried Seafood Platter

Best fried seafood platter on Cape Cod!!

Jackslady4 3 months ago

Popcorn Shrimp Roll

Fresh shrimp andfried perfectly. The employees are always friendly and helpful.

Mwawesome317 3 months ago

Popcorn Shrimp Roll

Soooo good you guys are best around!

Striro 3 months ago

#1 Selling Whole Belly Clam Roll

Best tasting clam roll I ever ate. The clams were fried to perfection The roll was also grilled, Now that's a New England style clam roll Delicious....yummmm

Oceanskyeast 3 months ago

Fish Tacos

The Fish Tacos are delicious! They are the best we have ever tasted! The cole slaw is a good complement to the tacos. We always get the delicious onion rings as well! We get it all "to go". My husband and I are in our 60s, and we travel from Harwich to eat here. Seafood Sam's is the best!

Maribethwoods 3 months ago

Fried Haddock Bites

The fried haddock bites are my favorite item at Sam's, so much that they are my go to item! They are always fresh and lightly fried so you get more fish than batter. Which is a nice change of pace compared to a lot of fried seafoods that are heavily covered in batter and drenched in oil. Whenever I'm craving some fish, I prefer to drive to Sam's to pick these up and bring home even.

Shinkansen5000 3 months ago

Baked Deep Sea Scallop Platter

Perfect scallops and delicious for this GF customer. Perfect setting and service!


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